How should a man eat in order not to suffer from impotence?

With age, all men to one degree or another show signs of sexual dysfunction. Many factors contribute to this, but the wrong way of life and nutrition affects the most. A man should consult a doctor before drinking potency pills and ordering cialis from Canada.

The specialist will ask the man at the reception:

• About his bad habits (alcohol, smoking or drugs);

• About his lifestyle (is sleep disturbed at night, does he have enough rest);

• About the frequency of his sexual contacts;

• On the frequency of stress and the presence of a depressive state;

• About food preferences.

It is from the last paragraph that the treatment of men for erectile dysfunction will begin. It is possible that along with the correction of the diet, the doctor will prescribe a high-quality generic cialis from Canada.

Therefore, the approximate men’s menu for 1 day after the doctor’s correction will look like this. Breakfast:

• Fried eggs in sunflower oil with stewed vegetables without bacon.
• Tea and a small toast with honey.

• Cheese soup with chicken.
• Light fruit salad, which can be seasoned with a little sour cream.

Nuts and dried fruits.

Braised potato with vegetable salad + cialis from Canada

Therefore, in order to establish sexual function, a man should pay attention to changing his diet and order cialis online from Canada.