Original Levitra and generic: which is better?

Levitra is one of the men’s favorite drugs to combat manifestations of erectile dysfunction. Initially, the drug appeared on the pharmaceutical market as an alternative to the famous and expensive Viagra. But now generic products of Levitra are actively selling.

Several representatives of generic Levitra are Lovevitra, Vilitra, ZHEWITRA. These drugs are low cost compared to the original tool. But is there a difference in quality?

According to the men in the forums, many of them buy cheap Levitra or any of the generics, and do not feel the difference in the effect produced. At the same time, some users claim the opposite: Levitra side effects are less pronounced than in generics. The following symptoms may be exacerbated:

• headache;
• dizziness;
• redness of the face;
• noise in ears;
• nausea.

Buy Levitra or generic drug is the individual choice of each man. The main thing is that before taking the man consulted a doctor and got a prescription for the drug. It is worth avoiding cheap Levitra and not buy Levitra online from unverified sellers.