Exercise affects for the potency

Nowadays, sport is the key to a long and successful life, but does it affect potency, will it help for ed? And how? The relevance of this issue is very great and serious, you can go in for sports, and someone will do natural ed treatment.


There are a lot of misconceptions in this regard. There are men who are obsessed with dehydrotestosterone, since it is he who is responsible for the effects of testosterone. But in fact, dehydrotestosterone is active only inside the cell, and modern ed medicine cannot die. And those indicators of its activity that we see in the analyzes are not entirely accurate.

The biggest misconception is that sports supposedly increase testosterone. Due to strength exercises, testosterone is injected into our body only as a form of adrenaline and has no effect on sex life, but on the contrary can adversely affect your sex life and become an obstacle to supplements for ed.

Many men who suffer from this problem resort to natural remedies, and this does not always help them. With potency, it is better to consult a doctor who will prescribe treatment for ed for you, the main thing is to follow all appointments. Take care of your health!