Diet for impotence

There are some misconceptions regarding the use of drugs that cause ed. Therefore, we will analyze everything as detailed as possible in order to avoid problems that may arise due to improper use of drugs that eliminate impotence. Generic ed drugs act weakly on men with diseases that are associated with the inner lining of blood vessels and diabetes.

With atherosclerosis, the vessels can not expand, accordingly, an erection will not happen when taking ed drugs. In addition, it is not worth giving or taking a pill with the goal of having a sexual desire. It doesn’t work like that, the drug helps to increase blood supply to the genitals, and not stimulate sexual arousal.

When taking Viagra, a desire in women will not appear. The maximum that this companion pressure increase can occur. Female Viagra has not yet been invented and it is not a fact that they will invent it. Because the excitement in women mainly depends on a group of psychological factors that cannot be eliminated with pills.

Cialis drug should be taken only in the presence of a weak erection or premature ejaculation. If you do not have these problems, you can take a pill as a solution to neurosis. But at the same time you need to buy viagra drug of the lowest dosage, about 25 mg.