Is it possible to protect yourself from the development of dysfunction?

At risk for impotence is a very large number of people who are overweight, diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle or bad habits. Nevertheless, it is possible to avoid erectile dysfunction.

To do this, give up alcohol, sugar, have a regular sex life and have a good rest. Significantly reduce the risks of impotence will help the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

If, however, a reduced frequency of erection begins to appear, you can try to use stimulant drugs. You can buy sildenafil in any packaging and at any time. Before consulting a doctor, you can try to take one tablet to feel the effect on yourself. Sildenafil 100mg does not have a stimulating effect, it only removes the causes that interfere with the appearance of an erection. But such a dose is maximum and it is better to reduce it if you are not sure about the body's reactions to the active substances of the drug. When taking viagra sildenafil, it should not be washed down with juices, as they can affect the normal effect of the drug. In addition, it is advised to take Viagra an hour before meals, so that the active substances can act faster. Sildenafil over the counter is sold in most online stores. To buy it does not need a recommendation from a doctor, it will be enough to answer a few questions regarding your current state of health.