Are generics worse than the original?

Until 2012, a patent for the manufacture of Viagra with the active substance sildenafil belonged to only one company - Pfizer.  After the expiration of the validity of the document, the right to manufacture the drug with an identical composition appeared in the remaining companies.  And the name of Viagra was preserved by the manufacturers of Canada and the USA.

 Therefore, a generic is a medicine with the same active substance that it has the original, and with the same indications.  It cannot be called an original name because it is already patented.

 Many men, accustomed to buying only Viagra, even after 2012 continued to take the Canadian Viagra, abandoning other generics.

 Since 2017, the manufacturers Mylan and Teva have been allowed to produce Viagra without a patent.  In the UK, the sale of a medicine without a prescription is permitted.  But Viagra by Canadian pharmacy remained the leader in sales.

 In order not to lose sales, Pfizer also developed its own line of generics that are much cheaper than Viagra (Canadian pharmacy).

 Some urologists recommend their patients to buy only Viagra by Canadian pharmacies, because they trust the world-famous manufacturer.  It is necessary to choose a medicine only in drugstores, because the Canadian Viagra is often forged.

For the same reason, you should not make a purchase on the Internet.  When ordering a Canadian Viagra online, the man takes full responsibility for the choice and consequences of the drug.