Can patients with hypertension take Viagra?

In men with a regular increase in blood pressure, problems with erectile function are also possible.There is no direct prohibitions of doctors for taking Viagra with hypertension.However, you should know when to take Viagra with hypertension really is not worth it.

Viagra for sale came after many clinical trials, including hypertension.The action of the drug is maximally localized - it pumps blood in the pelvic organs, blood actively fills the penis and there is a persistent erection.At the same time, other organs are not affected by this influence.Therefore Viagra sale for patients with hypertension by doctors is allowed.In consultation with a specialist, he will give recommendations:

? Do not take Viagra and not have sex during another increase in pressure and ill health.You should wait until the indicators come back to normal.

? Do not drink alcohol and food that increases pressure, before taking Viagra - this can provoke complications.

? If, after having sex, the patient suddenly has a headache, increased pressure - you should stop taking the medication and see a doctor.

Consultants from online Viagra sales cannot professionally assess the client's health status and identify possible contraindications to the use of the medication.Therefore, it is so important to go to the doctor and get a prescription.

Consequently, Viagra sales every year only increase, as well as the number of patients with hypertension.Therefore, take the medicine with a regular increase in blood pressure can only be after consulting a therapist.