Male Thrush Symptoms and Therapy

According to Viagra professional review, a man notices the initial signs of thrush rarely due to anatomical organization of genitalia. During aggravation, inflammatory reactions occur: thrush becomes appreciable and causes discomfort and even sometimes pain. The disease affects preputium and balanus. Severe forms of thrush may affect urinary tract and prostatic gland. It may proceed differently depending on candidiasis type, severity level and apart from Viagra reviews. Initial symptomatology manifests itself in the following way:

  • Occurrence of white, grey and yellow accumulation with unpleasant smell on balanus and perineum, as reported by a Viagra review;
  • Edema and balanus redness;
  • Feeling of burning and discomfort during urination and erection.

As reported by Viagra professional review, a man is required to consult a urologist after he found first signs of thrush in order to make tests and prescribe corresponding therapy which may be found in generic Viagra reviews. It is useless to resort to home remedies and self-medicate, since advanced form of thrush may lead to serious diseases, such as:

  • Balanitis. Clinically and in accordance with female Viagra review and generic Viagra review, this disease appears in the form of slight wounds or rash on penis skin.
  • Urethritis development. Candida in small quantities may affect urinary channel and result in accumulation and discharge formation with unpleasant smell.
  • Cystitis development. While damaging urinary bladder, fungus causes feeling of burning, gripes and even blood-tinged discharge during urination.

  • According to experts from herbal Viagra reviews, candidiasis occurs abruptly and very fast turning into a complicated form. Male thrush may become chronic and occur from time to time causing a lot of discomfort for its carrier. Viagra online reviews may be very helpful in finding a correct treatment.